This summer Hydrosol is a collaboration with Sonoma County Bee Company and Botnia. "Awakening" is a mindful botanical movement; breathe in and be inspired to sit with peace in the world around you. This tonic is astringent in nature, using Mugwork, Angelica, Feverfew and Lavender. The effects are a cooling anti-inflammatory awakening for your mind, body and soul. Customize your own nude bottle with a sticker sheet created by talented Healdsburg artist Jessica Martin.

Botnia "Awakening" Hydrosol

  • "Awakening" will connect both your skin and your mind to the present moment. This tonic is astringent in nature with elevated botanicals to bring you a heightened sense of the now. Mugwort and Angelica work to inspire lucid thoughts and Feverfew brings your skin cool anti-inflammatory properties with astringent effects.