Love this travel kit as both a way to keep your skin healthy when you're on the road or as an introduction to the full line of Botnia Skincare. This kit has everything your skin needs to be healthy and hydrated. Designed with normal to acne prone skin in mind:

 Daily Face Wash -leans on willow bark extract to keep redness and inflammation at bay, while also not stripping your skin.

 Toner - PH balances the acid mantle of our skin and packed with goldenseal and arnica 

Hyaluronic acid serum- a plumping and tissue healing serum to be used before your moisturizer

Body cream- rich hydration for your whole body

Soothing repair mask -for extra hydration when your skin needs a bit more than your normal daily routine

The Bag - made in Oakland, Ca. out of recylcled fabrics, is leak-resistant and will travel wherever the winds may take you stylishly.


Botnia Daily Travel Set

  •  This set includes the Daily Face Wash, Daily Face Cream, Toner, Hydrating Serum, Body Cream, and Gentle Hydration Mask in a modern yet natural bag. Each product is available in full size version with it's ingredient list and detailed description on this site.

    *Insider tip- keep each travel size bottle after you are done and refill them with your full size product.. now you have your favorite products stocked and ready to go wherever you go.

  • Acne Skin, Aging Skin, Body, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin