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Bring your SanctuarySpa90041 facial home (because lets face it... it's Covid times and self care shouldn't have to wait.) This facial kit is packed with all the goodies.... AND customized to help you reach your skins goals:

*A deluxe sample of a cleanser selected for your skin's needs.

*One Custom Blended Mask targeting exfoliating (psst. the same customized experience  you would get when you come in for your treatments at SanctuarySpa90041.)

*One Custom Blended Mask targeting nourishing or calming your skin (also the same apothecary ingredients used during your visit at the spa.)

*A deluxe sample of a moisturizer selected for your skin goals.

*A print out of the apothecary ingredients and all the beautiful things they do for your skin (keep this.. its packed with info.)

*A direct line with me for any questions that come up.

*Herbal Tea to encourage skin nourishment and calming starting from your insides (mixed by @mamalier.)

*Palo Santo smudge stick to clear your self care space (from @auricfields.)

*Rose quartz to promote self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace (also from @auricfields).


Buy one for yourself, one for your bestie, or throw a self care party (where I can host a zoom party for you and your friends. ) I can ship too!!

Want to splurge... bump up your "Fresh And Clean" Facial box to "Make It An Experience" Facial box.

Facial-In-A-Box (Fresh& Clean)

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