Use this gemstone Gua Sha from the one and only Cecily Braden for your next self care facial massage. Benefits of using the Gua Sha massage: Instantly firms and lifts skin, renews facial contours, smoothing of sagging skin, diminish dark eye circles, reduction of  facial puffiness, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, brightens the skin, promotes a radiant complexion, reduction of dark spots, increased circulation and lymphatic flow to reduce blemishes and promotes healthy skin from within. For one-on-one help with your Gua Sha tool a "Virtual Gua Sha Class" is available in the online store. Pst. Pst. Virtual Gua Sha parties are also available for you and your friends!

Pocket Jade Gua Sha

  • Fire quartz is a grounding combination of quartz and hematitie which balances the mind, body and spirit. Fire quartz assists with self worth, self esteem.  It can be used to calm anxieties and panic by removing negative energy and  transforming it into positive energy and universal love.