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Face Time or Zoom for your one-on-one session and learn how to properly use your Gua Sha tool. In appreciation of traditional Chinese traditions, and trained by the one and only Cecily Braden, who is seen and heard in Vogue magazine and trusted globally within the health and wellness community. During your session, I will guide you through the sequences for proper lympatic drainage and answer any questions you might have. Benefits of Gua Sha facial massage include:

-facial contouring

-reduction of puffiness and sagging

-reduction of dark circles

-increased circulation

-reduction of blemishes

-brightens skin tone

-relaxation of jaw and neck tension

-leaves your skin glowing


If you want to include your friends please see "facial party" to customize a virtual self care party for you and your friends!

Virtual Gua Sha Class ( One on One)

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